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Warrenton isn’t just your home. It’s our home too. Our community. And, we take that very seriously. If there’s anything we can do to support the people and businesses of Warrenton, you can be sure we’re doing it.

Supporting local businesses

Most all of our offerings are provided by local farmers, growers and producers. When you come to our bakery you are supporting local businesses - plain and simple. And, you will TASTE the difference!

By working together, we strengthen our businesses and build a healthier, friendlier community. We might be able to save a few pennies by purchasing our honey from a national corporation, but we’d much rather buy pure local honey and syrups from Erin's Elderberries right down the road. A stronger community and a better tasting product -- these are our rewards.

Commitment to Charity

The final two words in our mission statement may be the most important, and our absolute favorite: “Give generously.” We believe this goes hand in hand with our place in Warrenton’s community, and we strive to always give generously of ourselves, our enthusiasm and (of course) our bread.

We are especially pleased to be able to partner with the Fauquier Community Food Bank, as well as the House of Mercy, Rappahannock Food Bank and other local efforts as well. Great Harvest has donated over 50,000 loaves of bread and other food items over the years, and with the help of the local community we were able to partner with "donors" who helped us contribute even more to those in need during the COVID epidemic.

We look forward to continuing our involvement for years to come!