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Our Story

Real food.. Real friendS.

Four simple words that describe our values perfectly. These are our values, and we promise we will never compromise. When you visit Great Harvest Warrenton, you can always count on tasting real food and seeing real friends.

But, because we can always think of more than four words, let us share more about our values. Think of these as promises, from us and to you:

Local Food

Gotta do local!! Our eggs come courtey of the local chickens from Whiffletree Farm, and our butter comes from Main Street Farmstead . Honey, lavender and jam? Absolutely. All local. Always. Even the chips that you grab for your sandwich is from Route 11. This is just the beginning of what we carry and what we love – the rest awaits your visit!

Want to learn more about our local ingredients? Stop on by and ask — we’d love to chat about our ingredients and suppliers.

Healthy Ingredients

We won’t ever serve you something we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Promise.
We make our bread from scratch using simple ingredients. In fact, we mill our own flour on-site. This means we can control every single thing that goes into our bread. Our wheat is 100% wheat -- no additives. And we start with the same basic ingredients in our whole grain breads: Freshly milled flour, water, honey, yeast and salt.

Along with dairy fresh milk for your coffee we also serve coconut milk, almond milk and more. Also….have you tried honey in your coffee yet? It’s fantastic. Not in the mood for coffee, but more of a hot tea person? We have you covered! And on hot days, in addition to our wonderful iced lattes, we also have iced tea, lemonade, fresh squeezed orange juice and more.

Genuine Smiles

If we seem happy to see you, that’s because we are.

We’re here every day because we want to be. We are thrilled to be baking bread, brewing coffee and serving sweets to everyone along Warrenton’s Main Street. There’s really nothing we enjoy more than sharing the smells, tastes and pleasures of our bakery with you. This isn’t work. This is who we are. And, we’re so glad to see you, every time you stop by to visit.